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Here We Go Again

The high in Laramie today feels like a heatwave - a balmy 49 degrees. While I am well aware that there are more-than-likely several (much needed) winter storms still ahead of us, it is still tough to not let the mind wander and look forward to the season ahead. In fact, a little daydreaming might be the ideal course of action at this time of year, because March always seems to be the first month of the year where deadlines and seasons start blindsiding me at every turn.

Despite the fact that I refused to put on a sweatshirt today, it is still very much winter on the Wyoming high plains. I am aware and hopeful that there will be more snow and cold ahead of us, but regardless of the weather, the first day of March always seems to feel like a false peak heading into fishing and hunting preparation season. Maybe that's not the best way to look at it though. Perhaps days like today are the fish and elk god's way of letting us know that the season is getting ready to sneak up on us, and to be ready.

No, this isn't the "hatches are happening, the water is prime, the mountains are accessible - time to grab the rod and waders, it's on" time of year, but it certainly feels like the first warning. It's more of the "this is just a nice day, but soon every day will be nice and much longer, and you're only going to want to go fishing and scouting after work, so get your gear repaired, your flies tied and your applications in now."

With each passing year, I look at this point in the season as less of a representation of false hope, and more of warning sign. Fishing, scouting, and soon after, hunting season will be upon us before we know it, better to be prepared.

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