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Freeflow Outdoors 2022 Preview

It's been a while since our last check-in, and Freeflow Outdoors has seen some significant changes since the world shut down in 2020. We are proud to announce that we will be opening a retail store in Laramie, Wyoming featuring a full service archery pro shop and selling quality hunting and fly fishing gear. Additionally, we look forward to getting back to our roots and releasing some new videos in 2022.

Freeflow Outdoors - Retail Store

Our little company has recently gone in a different direction and we are happy to announce that we will be opening our retail store in Laramie, Wyoming in the spring of 2022. Our store will feature a full service archery pro shop staffed with certified archery technicians working on all makes and models of compound bows. We will also have a showroom stocked with archery equipment and hunting and fly fishing gear. Stop by and see us for our grand opening on May 1, 2022!

The Extra Mile web series - Season 2

Set backs in 2020-2021 have put our multimedia releases on a bit of a hiatus, but we are excited to get back to our roots and start pumping out new videos in 2022. Having been quite preoccupied with getting our retail store up-and-running, hunting, fishing and filming have unfortunately taken a backseat in the past year and a half. We are excited to get back at it in 2022, and encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel:

If you haven't caught any of The Extra Mile series yet, you can get caught up on Season 1 here:

And if you're all caught up on Season 1, but haven't caught the first episode of Season 2 yet - check it out right here:

The Freeflow Outdoors Podcast

After a decade of living, hunting, fishing and exploring Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain west, I feel that I might finally be able to speak with some practical experience in regards to hunting and fishing out west. Usually 3-4 times per month, someone from where I grew up in New York wants to know about hunting out west. With preference points, draws, limited entry and general units, different draw systems for every state - there is no simple answer. Starting a podcast is sort of my answer to all of these questions. In the first few episodes, my brother and I plan to discuss western hunting opportunities for first-timers, as well as break down the Wyoming big game draw system.

Having been out here for a decade with a few years of experience guiding under my belt, I have finally started to wrap my head around Wyoming's drawing system and recognizing opportunities for first-time western hunters. I am not so far removed from when I just started out hunting big game out west that I have forgotten how daunting and intimidating it can be to just get started. My hope is that this podcast can provide the information to alleviate some of that intimidation and get hunters started on planning their first western hunt.

The plan is to also discuss fly fishing, turkey and waterfowl hunting, as well as take a dive into some more specific topics that we are interested in researching. The equipment has been ordered and we are planning to release our first episode by the end of the month.

The Future

Life is feeling a little more normal these days and I am excited to get out and start shooting a lot again. The long winter provided me with a lot of time to reflect on what kind of content I want to produce, when I want to produce and release it, and what my prospective audience might be looking for. I settled on thinking that hunters are generally busy hunting during the season, and looking for something to scratch the itch in the offseason. This was my thinking in deciding to delay The Extra Mile season 2 and break it into two parts.

We want to hear from you! Suggestions for episodes? New content you might like to see? Comments on release dates? Let us know!

You can send us a direct message on Instagram @freeflowoutdoors or email at

Here's to a healthy, happy, and productive season in 2021!

- Andrew

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