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Freeflow Outdoors was opened by brothers Andrew and Connor O'Neill and conceived from a lifelong passion for hunting, fishing and the wild places that these pursuits bring us. 

We are experienced hunting and fishing guides, certified bow technicians, and passionate hunters and anglers committed to assisting our customers in preparing and planning their ideal outdoor adventure.

Andrew O'Neill


Andrew is the founder and owner of Freeflow Outdoors. He headed to Wyoming in 2011 to attend the University of Wyoming and quickly fell in love with southern Wyoming and the hunting and fishing opportunities the area offered. 


Andrew started guiding big game hunting and fly fishing trips and developed a passion for sharing these experiences with fellow hunters and anglers from around the country.


Andrew founded Freeflow Outdoors in 2015 as an outdoor media production company creating video and photo content for outdoor-based companies. In 2021 the opportunity to open a retail shop at a brick-and-mortar location arose and the Freeflow Outdoors archery pro shop and outdoor gear store was born.


Connor O'Neill


Connor moved to Wyoming in 2013 and began his guiding career in 2016. He is passionate about assisting hunters in chasing turkeys, pronghorn, deer, and elk. Connor began bowhunting back in New York as soon as it was legally allowed at the age of 14. 

Upon moving to Wyoming, he quickly became enamored with the many different types of archery hunting that the west had to offer. When he isn't tinkering on one of his bow set ups into the wee hours of the morning, Connor can usually be found chasing deer and elk around Wyoming or scouting out his next big game adventure.


Connor is a certified archery technician at Freeflow Outdoors.

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