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WY Widerness Fly Fishing

At Freeflow Outdoors, we specialize in walk-in, backcountry fly fishing trips in southern Wyoming. We currently offer full-day and half-day walk/wade trips on a number of streams and rivers, with plenty of variety in terrain, water size, and fishing styles. 

Be sure to check out our blog for the latest southern Wyoming fly fishing report.


We are currently offering trips on the Laramie River and North Platte River fisheries. These rivers and their tributaries are high-elevation, freestone systems, offering a variety of stream sizes, species of trout, hatches and opportunities for fly anglers. Specializing in backcountry fly fishing trips, our guided trips explore the wild, remote and pristine stretches of these river systems. 



Anglers can expect a variety of fishing opportunities depending on the time of year trips are booked.



May through early July brings high water and aggressive fish looking to stockpile calories after a long winter. 


Streamers and large nymphs are the most common fly choices this time of year, and we often see some of the largest fish of the season as fish feed voraciously after the dormant cold months. 



As runoff subsides in late June and early July, peak dry fly season comes into play. Many key hatches including caddis, drakes, yellow stoneflies, PMDS, tricos and more are occurring during this time frame, and fish aren't usually shy about taking a well-presented hopper or attractor pattern just about any time. 


When stream temperatures begin to drop, fish in freestone rivers start feeling the urge to stock up on a calorie-dense meals once again, and streamer season has arrived. This is arguably the best time of year to target large fish with gaudy fly patterns. 


Your day of fishing will start at the Freeflow Outdoors Fly Shop in Laramie, Wyoming. A full-service fly shop, we will ensure that you have all of the necessary gear and licenses for a full day on the water. 

Your guided trip can always be custom-tailored to your liking and fishing preferences. We have experience with all skill levels of anglers, so whether you want us to simply help you land a few fish, teach you how to cast, or custom-fit your trip destination to your desired type of fishing - we can accommodate any and all anglers.

We have trip options available ranging from meadow streams, allowing for a less strenuous day of fishing to rugged and remote fisheries for the ambitious and adventurous angler. Please refer to the difficulty rating system below and give us a call to find out which fishing adventure is right for you!



Level 1: refers to trips in which we only carry small daypacks, and hike distances of less than three total miles with minimal elevation gain.

Level 2: refers to trips in which we only carry daypacks, and hike distances of 4-6 miles total, with minimal elevation gain and some off-trail river access.

Level 3: refers to trips in which we carry daypacks, and hike distances from 6-10 miles total. Some elevation gain and a fair amount of off-trail river access over rugged terrain (boulder fields, stream crossings, wading along banks, etc.)

Level 4: refers to trips in which we may carry heavier, internal frame packs or daypacks. Hiking distances range from 6-10 miles total, with some elevation gain and a lot of off-trail river access over rugged terrain (boulder fields, stream crossings, wading along banks, etc.)


Bring any fly fishing equipment that you own and wish to use on your trip. Freeflow Outdoors can provide all flies, leaders, rods and reels. Arrangements can be made to rent waders, just please let us know upon booking if you will require waders and boots for your trip. 

Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are provided on all half-day trips, and snacks, non-alcoholic beverages and a lunch are provided on all full-day trips. 

Aside from any flies, rods, tackle and waders of your own you wish to bring along, anglers should bring a fishing shirt, hat, polarized sunglasses, sunscreen, a rain jacket, and a heavier outer layer in case of inclement weather. 

Anglers will additionally be required to purchase a Wyoming State fishing license for the number of days they plan to fish.




A deposit of 25% is required for every day booked. The deposit is completely refunded if your trip is cancelled due to weather or stream conditions.

Trips may be cancelled for a full refund of your deposit up to two weeks prior to your trip date. If you decide to cancel within two weeks of your trip, you will forfeit your deposit amount. We will do our best to get you re-booked at another time in the event of any cancellations.

Please contact us with any questions regarding booking. 



*Freeflow Outdoors is an equal opportunity service provider and employer including individuals with disabilities, operating under permit from the State of Wyoming Board of Land Commissioners and the United States Forest Service.

*Freeflow Outdoors currently operates under the following permits:

State of Wyoming Board of Land Commissioners - Permit No: TUP-03273

Medicine Bow-Routt FS-2700-3f

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