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Fishing Report - 9/8/22

Fall fishing is on the horizon! Low water and near record-setting daytime highs in the past couple of weeks have made for tough fishing conditions throughout southeastern Wyoming, but much cooler temperatures are forecasted for the weeks ahead. Mornings have been cooler, resulting in better water temperatures, but the Laramie River, North Platte River, and main tributaries are running low and clear for the most part, making conditions a bit tricky. High country lakes and streams remain the best option for consistent conditions and more aggressive fish at this point.

Look for the Laramie, North Platte and tributary streams to start picking up as we head into the fall feeding season and water temperatures begin to cool off considerably. Hopper droppers remain the best option at this time, but look for fish to start keying in on bigger meals as the feeding season starts to wind down and fish transition into preparing for winter.

Upper North Platte

Flows: ~ 75 cfs

Conditions: Low and clear. Afternoons are still getting warm, so be sure to keep an eye on water temperatures as midday approaches. The best window for fishing will be from first light until about midday. Tricos are the primary hatch right now, and fish should be keyed in on these tiny bugs. A spinner pattern with an emerger/nymph trailer can be quite effective throughout the morning.

Flies: Dry flies; Chubby Trico Spinner, Parachute Adams, Chubby Chernobyl, Swisher's Foam PMX, Amy's Ant, 409 Yeager, B/C Dropper Hopper, Stimulator, Elk Hair Caddis, Light Cahill, Little Yellow Stone

Nymphs; RS2, WD40, Rubber Legs, 20 Incher, Hare's Ear, Prince Nymph, Pheasant Tail, Copper John, Dirty Bird, Devil Jig, HDA FAV Variant, Blow Torch, Duracell Bomb

Laramie River

Flows: ~ 25 cfs

Conditions: The Laramie River is running low and clear resulting in tougher fishing conditions. Look for flows and conditions to improve with precipitation and cooler temperatures in the forecast.

Flies: Little Yellow Sally, Light Cahill, Parachute Adams, Stimulator, Elk Hair Caddis, Griffith's Gnat, Copper John, Pheasant Tail, Hare's Ear, Prince Nymph

Tributary Streams

Flows: 15 - 30 cfs

Conditions: Higher elevation North Platte tributary streams remain one of the better options for fishing right now. Cooler daytime temperatures and forecasted rainfall should improve fishing conditions in the coming weeks.

Flies: Stimulator, Elk Hair Caddis, Light Cahill, Parachute Adams, Amy's Ant, Dave's Beetle, Copper John, Pheasant Tail, Hare's Ear, Prince Nymph

Alpine Lakes and Streams

Conditions: Alpine lakes and streams should provide anglers with a great option with the recent rising temperatures. Water temperatures will remain cooler at higher elevations and fish will continue to feed aggressively as they take advantage of the short growing season. Alpine lakes and streams can provide a great option for some surface action with attractor dries. Ants, beetles, small hoppers, and caddis patterns are good dry fly imitations to start prospecting with.

Flies: Amy's Ant, Dave's Beetle, CDC Ant, Hippie Stomper, 409 Yeager, Hare's Ear, Prince Nymph, Copper John, Wolly Bugger, Pine Squirrel, Platte River Spider

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