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Fishing Report - 7/6/24

Summer flows are on and just about all of our local rivers and tributaries are in prime wading condition for the first part of July! Hopper dropper season is upon us and a wide variety of insect life is teeming on the lakes, rivers, and streams throughout Albany and Carbon counties.

Matching the hatch is key when fish are keying on particular hatches, but for the most part, prospecting with a hopper dropper rig will be the most productive way to fish just about all of our local waters in the weeks to come.

Be sure to keep an eye on afternoon water temperatures as we head into mid summer. Fish can feed comfortably to about 65 degrees, once temperatures start getting above that, activity really slows down, and water temperatures above 68 degrees can put significant stress on the fish if they are caught, handled, and released in those temperatures. Consider some of the Snowy Range alpine lakes and streams if you are finding the North Platte and Laramie Rivers a little too hot to fish.

Upper North Platte

Flows: ~ 300 cfs (Northgate)

Conditions: The Platte is finally in prime wading condition and fishing has been pretty good! Plenty of caddis, small stoneflies, PMDs, and terrestrials are out and about, making a hopper dropper pattern the most effective way to prospect for fish. Fish should be moving into their traditional summer holding water throughout the canyon; focus on pocket water through boulder fields, ledges, tailouts, and classic riffle runs.

Flies: Dries; Swisher's Foam PMX, Chubby Chernobyl, Stimulator, Light Cahill, Para Adams, Elk Caddis, Corn Fed Caddis, CDC Caddis

Nymphs; Rubber Legs, 20 Incher, Tim's Stone, Devil Jig, Blow Torch, Guide's Choice, CDC Stone, Dirty Bird, Hare's Ear, Prince Nymph, HDA FAV, Copper John

Streamers; Sculpzilla, Mini Sex Dungeon, Tequeely, Slumpbuster, Pine Squirrel, Wedge Head, Dirty Hippie, Baby Gonga

Laramie River

Flows: ~ 100 cfs (Woods Landing, WY)

Conditions: The Big Laramie has dropped into prime wading flows as well and has been fishing fair to good. Hopper droppers with a focus on little yellow stonefly patterns as the point fly have been the most effective. Any variety of stonefly or caddis nymphs on the bottom have been effective nymph choices as well. Don't be afraid to pull a streamer through some of the deeper holes as well.

Flies: Dries; Chubby Chernobyl, Swisher's Foam PMX, Amy's Ant, Carnage Drake, Green Drake Parachute,

Nymphs; Rubber Legs, 20 Incher, Restless Stone, San Juan Worm, Squirmy Wormy, Tim's Stone, CDC Stone, Dirty Bird, Devil Jig, Hare's Ear, Blow Torch

Streamers; Sculpzilla, Tequeely, Slumpbuster, Pine Squirrel, Wedge Head, Dirty Hippie, Baby Gonga

Tributary Streams

Flows: ~ 30 - 100 cfs

Conditions: The tributary streams have been fishing great! Good flows and clarity, and good water temperatures on some of the higher elevation streams. As always, as we get into mid summer, the higher in elevation you fish these tributary streams, the cooler the water, and the happier and healthier the fish. Hopper droppers, single or double dries, and small streamers have all been effective set ups.

Flies: Dries; Chubby Chernobyl (8-14), Swisher's Foam PMX, Amy's Ant, Stimulator, Elk Caddis, CDC Caddis, Corn Fed Caddis, Humpy, Para Adams

Nymphs; Tim's Stone, 20 Incher, Blow Torch, HDA FAV, Guide's Choice, Prince Nymph, Devil Jig, Copper John, Dirty Bird, Caddistrophic Pupa

Streamers; Slumpbuster, Wolly Bugger, Platte River Spider, GB Crystal Bugger, Pine Squirrel, Dirty Hippie, Baby Gonga

Alpine Lakes and Streams

Conditions: Reports indicate that most of the alpine lakes and streams are open and fishing well! Fishing can be quite productive at these higher elevations due to the short feeding window. Small streamers, attractors dries, and nymphs both dead-drifted and stripped can all be effective methods on alpine lakes.

Flies: Streamers; GB Crystal Bugger, Wolly Bugger, Pine Squirrel, Hale Bopp

Dries; Amy's Ant, Swisher's Foam PMX, Stimulator, Light Cahill, Para Adams

Nymphs; Hare's Ear, Prince Nymph, Tungsten Zebra Midge, WD40, Juju Baetis

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