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Fishing Report - 6/20/23

There has not been much new to report over the past three weeks - runoff has persisted and has created difficult to impossible fishing conditions for wading anglers, but it looks like that is finally coming to an end. Fitting that the first day of summer seems to coincide with what is looking like the beginning of wade fishing season here in southeastern Wyoming!

The North Platte and Laramie Rivers are still running a bit on the high side for walk/wade fishing, however many of the tributary streams and alpine streams are dropping quickly and running clear. Many alpine lakes are additionally completely free of ice. Expect to see some fluctuations in flows over the next couple weeks as temperatures warm, but for the most part, most everything is dropping and in some cases, dropping fast. It's time to get out there!

Upper North Platte

Flows: ~ 1,500 cfs

Conditions: Flows have started dropping more rapidly over the last few days. Wading anglers will still be confined to one bank as the Platte will remain uncrossable for the next week or so. While the hatch is winding down, some salmonflies are still being spotted, and fish should still be keyed in on these big bugs on the surface as clarity continues to improve. Don't be afraid to throw a big dry fly even if you are not seeing a lot of salmonfly activity - fish will still be looking for these bugs following the end of the hatch. Hopper dropper rigs should come into play during the post-runoff period. Large dries trailed with caddis and mayfly nymph patterns will be some of the most productive set ups moving into the summer season.

Caddis will be hatching sporadically throughout the day, along with PMDs around mid morning. A caddis or light-colored mayfly pattern fished behind a larger hopper pattern can also be productive if you are seeing rising fish.

Streamers will continue to produce fish, although the action may slow down a bit as flows continue to drop and fish start spreading out more throughout the river.

Flies: Dry flies; Carnage Stone, Christensen's Salmonfly, Swisher's Foam PMX, Chubby Chernobyl, Light Cahill, Stimulator, Elk Hair Caddis, Corn Fed Caddis, Parachute Adams

Nymphs; Rubber Legs (#6 - #10), Tim's Stone, Restless Stone, CDC Stone, 20 Incher, Blow Torch, Hare's Ear, Devil Jig, HDA FAV, Dirty Bird, Caddistrophic Pupa, Prince Nymph, Copper John, San Juan Worm, Squirmy Wormy

Streamers; Tequeely, Sculpzilla, Slumpbuster, Wedgehead Streamer, Baby Gonga, Dirty Hippy, Pine Squirrel

Laramie River

Flows: ~ 300 cfs

Conditions: The Laramie is dropping quickly with about 2 feet of visibility at the time of this report. Expect flows to continue dropping and clarity to improve over the next week or so. There may be some fluctuations in flows with warmer weather and some rain in the forecast, but for the most part flow rates are trending downward fairly quickly. Streamers and larger double nymph rigs will likely continue to be the most productive options, with hopper dropper rigs coming into play once water clarity improves a bit. Drakes should be making an appearance in the next couple of weeks.

Flies: Dry flies; Chubby Chernobyl, Amy's Ant, Swisher's Foam PMX, Stimulator, Elk Hair Caddis, Light Cahill, Carnage Drake, Bear's HiViz Brown Drake, Green Drake Parachute

Nymphs; Rubber Legs, Restless Stone, CDC Stone, 20 Incher, Blow Torch, Caddistrophic Pupa, Scuds, San Juan Worm, Squirmy Wormy

Streamers; Tequeely, Sculpzilla, Slumpbuster, Wedgehead Streamer, Baby Gonga, Dirty Hippy, Pine Squirrel

Tributary Streams

Flows: 200 - 1000 cfs

Conditions: Tributary streams will offer the best option for wading anglers as the North Platte and Laramie Rivers continue to drop. Most of the main tributaries to the North Platte are running a little on the high side, but with great visibility. Most tributary streams are looking to be quite wadeable at this point, with the exception of the Encampment, which is still running over 1000 cfs through town due to the larger snowpack in the Sierra Madre range. Double nymph and hopper dropper rigs should be the ticket. Expect most fish to still be feeding subsurface, but warmer days and increasing insect activity should make for some improving dry fly action over the next week.

Flies: Dry flies; Chubby Chernobyl, 409 Yeager, Amy's Ant, Stimulator, Elk Hair Caddis, Parachute Adams

Nymphs; 20 Incher, CDC Stone, Blow Torch, HDA FAV, Caddistrophic Pupa, Devil Jig, Hare's Ear, Prince Nymph, Copper John, San Juan Worm, Squirmy Wormy

Streamers: Sculpzilla, Tequeely, Slumpbuster, GB Crystal Bugger, Wolly Bugger, Pine Squirrel

Alpine Lakes

Conditions: Many alpine lakes are completely free of ice and fish ought to be hungry after the long winter! Most lakes below 10,500' in elevation are completely ice free. Lakes around the 10,500' elevation mark and higher are beginning to ice off, and should continue this week - however large snow drifts are still making locations such as the Gap and Shelf Lakes mostly inaccessible. Streamers and nymphs will be the ticket as temperatures continue to warm, insect activity starts increasing in the high country, and fish start looking to the surface.

Flies: Streamers; GB Crystal Bugger, Wolly Bugger, Slumpbuster, Pine Squirrel

Dry flies; Amy's Ant, Dave's Beetle, Hippie Stomper, CDC Ant, 409 Yeager, CDC Ant, Hippie Stomper

Nymphs; Hare's Ear, Psycho Prince, Bat Wing Emerger, Brassie, Biot Midge Emerger, Scuds, Pheasant Tail, Zebra Midge, Juju Baetis

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