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One factor seems to rise above all others when it comes to success in hunting. Persistence is one trait that we all have the capacity for regardless of years of experience, physical fitness, or any level of backcountry skills and knowledge. In a way, it's the great equalizer

amongst all hunters. You may not be able to cover fifteen miles up-and-down ridges all day. You may not have decades of experience with the country you find yourself in. You may be new to backcountry hunting entirely. But we are all capable of staying power, and it is my belief that this is the most deadly trait to possess as a hunter.

How many bugles on a far-off ridge have turned a silent, seemingly futile morning into something worth pursuing? How many bucks have been spotted after hours or days of staring into optics at seemingly vacant hillsides. Almost exclusively, opportunities seem to present themselves just as a hunt begins to feel hopeless.

Staying present and persistent in the face adversity, long days and weeks, failure and difficulty has a way of being rewarded.

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